2010-11 College of Engineering Awards

Congratulations to the following recipients of 2010-11 College of Engineering Awards for EECS:

Valeria Bertacco

Education Excellence Award

Valeria Bertacco Enlarge
Prof. Valeria Bertacco

Valeria Bertacco conducts research in the area of hardware design correctness, with an emphasis on full design validation, digital system reliability and hardware security assurance. Prof. Bertacco joined the faculty at Michigan after four years in the Advanced Technology Group of Synopsys as a lead developer of Vera and Magellan, two popular verification tools. She loves being with students and enjoys teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in computer engineering, including introductory computer organization, digital logic design, and advanced hardware verification.

Prof. Bertacco is the author of three books on design errors and validation. She serves in several conference program committees, including DATE and DAC, and is an Associated Editor for the IEEE Transactions on CAD and the Microelectronics Journal. Prof. Bertacco is the recipient of an NSF CAREER award, a University of Michigan Outstanding Achievement award and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research’s Young Investigator award.

Michael Flynn

Education Excellence Award

Professor Michael Flynn Enlarge
Professor Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn conducts research in the area of mixed-signal circuit design, and is considered to be an international authority on analog to digital conversion. As an educator, he overhauled the analog circuits curriculum at Michigan, making it one of the strongest analog circuits programs in the country. Specifically, he introduced the new graduate course, Analog-Digital Interfaces; he completely revised the major design experience course for seniors, Monolithic Amplifier Circuits; and he revised the graduate course, Analog Circuits for Communications. He is known for being very careful in the preparation of his lectures – so that students are provided a foundation for learning, and then led to make their own leaps to higher levels of learning. Students graduating from the program, both undergraduate and graduate, are highly sought after.

Prof. Flynn is Associate Editor of the IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits and serves on the technical program committees of ISSCC and VLSI Symposium on VLSI Circuits. He is a receipt of a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship, NSF CAREER Award, EECS Outstanding Achievement Award, and CoE Kennedy Family Team Excellence Award.

Eric Michielssen

Research Excellence Award

Eric Michielssen Enlarge
Eric Michielssen

Eric Michielssen is an international leader in the area of computational electromagnetics, and he has made fundamental contributions to the field. He develops fast algorithms for analyzing large-scale transient acoustic, electromagnetic phenomenon, and then applies them to the analysis and design of high-speed integrated circuits, antennas for wireless applications, plasmonic surfaces, and biomedical magnetic field applicators. His algorithms have been used by many other researchers, as well as commerically available simulators.

Prof. Michielssen has authored more than 160 journal publications, including the popular textbook, Applied Electromagnetics which he co-authored. His students have earned more than 10 Best Student Paper awards. He is an IEEE Fellow, and member of the National Academy Committee on Mathematical Foundations of Uncertainty Quantification, Validation, and Verification, and Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Numerical Modeling.

H. V. Jagadish

Service Excellence Award

H. V. Jagadish Enlarge
H. V. Jagadish

H. V. Jagadish is well-known for his broad-ranging research on information management, most recently in database usability. Since joining the university, he has helped to establish Michigan as a leading institution in database research. He has published over 150 major papers and holds 37 patents.

Prof. Jagadish is a fellow of the ACM, a member of the CRA (Computing Research Association) Board, and Editor-in-Chief of the Proceedings of the VLDB (Very Large Data Base) Endowment. In 2009, he was named the Bernard A. Galler Collegiate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Michael Bailey

Outstanding Research Scientist Award

Michael Bailey Enlarge

Michael Bailey is a leading researcher in the area of security and availability of complex distributed systems. To date, his work has included the characterization of specific network threats (worms, botnets, spam) and techniques for measurement of these threats at scale (network anomaly detection, distributed network telescopes).

A goal of Dr. Bailey’s work is to turn theoretical results and observations into meaningful projects that benefit the research community and society as a whole. For example, his work in security has led him to create systems that detect and dismantle security threats, such as botnets, on today’s Internet. These systems have been making significant impact; the software has been deployed at the United States Computer Emergency Response Team, where it helped protect 14 government agencies and networks, and is now being transferred to state and local governments through a pilot at the city of Seattle, WA.