Twelve papers from ADA Research Center featured in TECHCON 2022

The convention recognizes research in microelectronics by figures at over 100 top engineering universities.
ADA Research Center Team

Twelve papers authored by researchers affiliated with the Applications Driving Architectures (ADA) Research Center will be featured at TECHCON in September. A number of the authors are students and faculty in CSE at Michigan. 

Hosted by the Semiconductor Research Center, TECHCON features next-generation research progress and brings together experts in microelectronics research to exchange news from over 100 top engineering universities.

ADA-affiliated Ph.D students who participated as authors or presenters in the papers are Jessica Shi (MIT), Karthik Garimella (NYU), Ke-Jou (Carol) Hsu (Georgia Tech), Lauren Biernacki (Univ. of Michigan), Misun Park (Georgia Tech), Nandan Kumar Jha (NYU-Poly), Negar Neda (NYU-Poly), Rafael Oliveira (Georgia Tech), Shibo Chen (Univ. of Michigan), Tarunesh Verma (Univ. of Michigan), Vidushi Goyal (Univ. of Michigan), Xinxin Wang (Univ. of Michigan), and Yonathan Fisseha (Univ. of Michigan).

ADA Center Director Prof. Valeria Bertacco

ADA-affilated faculty authors for the papers include Ada Gavrilovska (Georgia Tech), Brandon J. Reagen (NYU), Julian Shun (MIT), Reetuparna Das (Univ. of Michigan), Todd Austin (Univ. of Michigan), Valeria Bertacco (Univ. of Michigan), and Wei Lu (Univ. of Michigan).

The ADA Research Center is a five-year project that includes research participants from several universities. The Center, based at the University of Michigan, aims to streamline and democratize the design and manufacturing of next-generation computing systems. By challenging the physical limits of existing hardware, ADA seeks to make innovations in the fields of autonomous control, robotics, and machine-learning. ADA is led by Mary Lou Dorf Collegiate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Valeria Bertacco. Bertacco is also a Thurnau Professor and serves as U-M’s Vice Provost for Engaged Learning.